HYPERREALITY - Beyond the Horizon where Physics Meets Consciousness

  • How should we approach life and its challenges? Are they real?
  • What do we really know about reality? Could modern physics help us to understand? What kind of worldview does it really shape for us?
  • What is the connection between reality and consciousness?
  • Do we live in a simulation?

In this book Johanna Blomqvist, PhD is diving into the question of reality, a topic which has been of interest to her since childhood. The desire to understand the world, reality and the purpose of everything has also led her to the frontiers of science and to topics physicists do not often approach. Her first book "From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing - A Physicist's Journey to Mind and Healing" was published on Amazon in 2018.

Hyperreality is a book about the nature of our reality and the hypotheses we have made about it through the centuries. Johanna Blomqvist describes many cases and research experiments that will puzzle your mind. Our reality seems to be something other than what the current prevailing materialistic worldview suggests.

**From Chapter 2. Are we only machines?:**

There are many phenomena that we encounter almost daily, but which do not fit into the current materialistic worldview. Such phenomena are often classified as anomalies or parapsychological when it is impossible to explain them with prevailing theories. Such phenomena include premonitions, intuition, telepathy, premonition dreams, and synchronicity.

Science seeks to find objective truth, but is such a goal even possible? After all, all objective information is based on subjective observation. Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne, founders of the PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) laboratory, which has studied the effect of the mind on matter for decades, say:

"Mind without matter leaves us with a world of ephemeral abstraction; matter without mind eliminates the essence of life itself."

It seems that the transition to the so-called post-materialistic era is essential. We don't have any alternatives, if we want to continue our life as humanity on Earth into the future. We have to change our thinking! It is time to understand our effect on physical reality and move to a new era, beyond materialism.

You exist - dive into hyperreality, in which you are a significant participant!

This book has been written to everyone seeking for answers about the nature of our reality, purpose of everything, consciousness and the connection between science and spirituality. It may help you to understand phenomena that you earlier have only omitted.

This book is the answer that Johanna Blomqvist herself wanted to find as a teen, when she was contemplating the question of reality, why we are here, and how should one live.